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The ZebraScope™ was chosen by the experts and doctors at the Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Urinary Technology Seminar which was successfully held in Xichang City, Liangshan State, China between 20-21, August 2021. In the early autumn 2021, an “accurate academic conference” was held by Happiness Workshop Medical and Yi Medical Hospital, Sichuan. The conference successfully presented in online and offline format. The hand-by-hand in-person teaching was focusing on the how-to operate and remove stones with ZebraScope™; Also the seminar was broadcast online to demonstrate to the other doctors who cannot attend the live seminar. Although under the severe pandemic condition, we still organized the conference with the excellent outcomes which the eager studying atmosphere is overwhelmed, especially in the Liang Region which is located in the rural areas in China, it helped the countryside hospitals upgrade with the most advanced stone management technology.

Zhu Weiguo, Vice President of Liangshan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, delivered a speech at the opening of the meeting. At the same time, during the discussion period, Vice President Zhu shared his 17 years of hospital management experience. Combining his rich surgical experience in both urology and major surgeries, he advised the young surgeons that practice makes perfect and perseverance is the ultimate road to being the best surgeon.

It is a great honor to invite Professor Liangren Liu from West China Hospital of Sichuan University to explain the options and techniques of signle-use digital flexible ureteroscopy. Professor Liu shared all his rich experience with colleagues from the Department of Urology in various hospitals in Daliangshan. Professor Liu shared and empowered his years of experiences to benefit the doctors and hospitals in the countryside.

Professor Yuanhong Ou, director of the Department of Urology, Liangshan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, shared his experience with a single-use digital flexible ureteroscope used in the treatment of staghorn stones. Even though according to RIRS, the fURS is recommended for 2cm stones, Professor Ou shared his valuable knowledge and experience of how to deal with larger stones over 3.5cm with fURS from over 100 cases; because kidney stones are often discovered with larger size and local people are easy to get kidney stones.

In the hand-by-hand teaching session, Professor Liu demonstrated how to operate with ZebraScope™ from holding, entering, positioning, and inspecting the calyx, etc with standardization. All physicians in the conference had the opportunity to simulate operation, at the end of the conference, they not only got credit and certification but also learned the kidney stone removal skills with ZebraScope™. Professor Liu pointed out that the self-locking function of ZebraScope™ can greatly reduce the burden on the thumb when the doctors bend the handle, at the same time, ZebraScope™ has an excellent bending angle and coaxial which are ideal for the treatment of difficult stones.

The surgical demonstration session brought invaluable content to the audiences, including how to remove kidney stones with Zebrascope™ and seminal vesicle scope etc. The conference not only enables the members to watch demonstration closely in person, but also broadcasting is shared to other colleagues who cannot attend the conference.

The conference achieves to demonstrate the surgery teaching online and offline due to ZebraScope™ with its special characteristics which are more convenient and easier to share. Under the covid pandemic, ZebraScope™ not only helps clinical teachers who can teach the students or colleagues through video conferences and broadcasting; also it enables surgeons and hospitals to level up them with cross-region learning. At the same time, Happiness

Works Medical is dedicated and determined to create and bring more professional training in all formats, such as online synchronous surgical guidance, real case simulation of kidney holmium laser lithotripsy, etc.