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International Medical Endoscope Forum 2021 — ZebraScope™ attended as industry alliance member

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On July 22, 2021, the 3rd International Medical Endoscopy Industry Trend Summit was grandly held in Shenzhen. Nearly 500 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and clinicians from all over the world gathered together to discuss medical Endoscope technology, design, manufacture, application, industrial development direction, etc.

The conference participants included Professor Wanqing Gu from Beijing 301 Hospital, Professor Xun Li, an internationally renowned expert in minimally invasive urology, Professor Guansen Ni from Shanghai Fourth People's Hospital, Professor Liping Lv from Anhui Chest Hospital, and Dr. Gong Yi from Huashan North Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Silin Huang, Chief Physician of South China Hospital Affiliated to Shenzhen University, Dr. Han Wang of Sun Yat-sen University Affiliated Hospital; Guifang Wang, Director of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and other experts; also the Summit invited over 100 enterprises from the production industry including Happiness Workshop Medical, Shanghai Minimally Invasive Medical, Zhuhai Pusen Medical, Pumandi, Wolf, Fujifilm, Zhejiang Kwamai Medical,and Koman Medical and etc.

At this summit, a number of endoscopy supply chain companies set up the industry alliance preparatory group. The group believed that the awareness of health-checking increased rapidly due to the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, especially, the mindset of pre-check and pre-cure is educated and grown. Endoscope plays a key part in pre-check and pre-cure medical strategy. It not only improves the accuracy of a doctor's diagnosis but also is the basis of minimally invasive. The purpose of the establishment of the Endoscopy Industry Alliance is to solve the industry issue by bringing in the most advanced technology internationally and integrating resources from all levels including R&D, marketing, distribution, supply chain, venture capital, etc; which enables the endoscope membership companies to grow and compete at the international level. Our summit slogan is: Based in China, Expand globally. We want all the doctors and patients from

every corner of the world to benefit from the better and safer medical endoscope tools which are from CHINA and all made in CHINA.

Mr. Tiegong Han, chairman of Happiness Works Medical Factory, was invited to participate in the preparatory group of the endoscopy industry alliance. During the meeting, Director Han demonstrated his determination to invent and produce the single-us digital flexible ureteroscope as the first product of Happiness Works Medical, because he knew the inside and out of the urology industry; and he understood the pain point of the experts, surgeons, and hospitals so that he wanted to help and contribute to the urology industry with his years of experience. As an industry alliance member, Mr. Han is ambitious and confident about the endoscope industry; he appeals that all the members are working together with the resources to level up the Chinese endoscope industry and compete on an international scale.